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deviation in storage by DaphInteresting


She stared at the ceiling, not blinking but her mind a flurry of unanswered questions. She didn’t remember the last time that she had rested her eyes for even a moment, although she was too exhausted to sleep.

A poem was scrawled in the journal next to her, barely legible but easy for her to understand.
We all have demons inside
And that’s not to say that
We can’t truly be fixed
See, lately I’ve found that
Even the most beautiful
People have them
And even the ones you
Can’t even bring yourself
To look at; they don’t
Discriminate like
We do

All they do is look
For those that can play
With them
And maybe that’s what
Relationships are
Finding demons
That go well with ours
And which ones to
Stay away from

Even the ones
That claim that
They’ll never find one
Maybe those with depression
Are just wishing that they
Could find their sun
In the endless rain
And the ones with anxiety
Maybe just want the best
For everyone
Even if it means
They sacrifice their

See, demons are never
Really conquered
To me; they’re just
Trained to follow
Command just like
We are, and maybe
I’m wrong but if I am
Explain this:

Happily ever after
Unconditional love
The concept of a savior
Personal or otherwise
See, I may not be religious
Or go to a church or
Temple or synagogue
Or what have you
But at least I know
What love is
Just from watching
Demons play
Childhood games
Just like we did
Just like we still do
She was expected to go out to the temple tonight, since it was a full moon. Her mind cloudy, she put on her special dress and walked to the ceremonial ground. She always wanted to dress nice for no real reason at all except that it brought comfort to her whenever she was in Nyx’s presence.

But for some reason, the ceremony went by in a whirl. She couldn’t concentrate on anything: not even the presence of her companion elements could ground her. She felt the earth shift beneath her and her eyes closed as she felt her energy slip away. She crumpled to the ground as her world went black.

She woke up a few hours later in the infirmary, the moon illuminating her bed through the window. Exhaustion, she was later told, from the endless training and lack of grounding. Try not to let it happen again.

Her head spun and she struggled to keep herself together long enough to gather her bearings. She slumped back into her bed, holding her head as the world stopped spinning. She noticed a platter of meats and cheeses with a glass of red wine; a sip of it indicated that it was spiked with donated blood. Energy surged through her as she drank the wine and ate.

Zoey walked into her room and spoke with her for a few moments, asking about the last time that she had grounded herself after meditation and if she was taking care of herself. Ursula didn’t answer. She didn’t see the point. As she was close to finishing her sixth year, it was crucial for her to pay attention to the changes in her body and to not overwork herself. That’s what she was told.

She was on mandated bedrest for a couple of nights and monitored for two weeks so that she wouldn’t strain herself again. Ursula thought it was ridiculous.

She went to sleep one night, and that’s when she had the dream. That’s what she thought it was.
I woke up in a meadow, quiet and peaceful. As if isolated from the rest of the world. I looked around, tried to orient myself to a particular location to no avail when I heard my name.

"Ursula Audientia."

I turned in the direction of the voice. “W-who’s there?”

"Do not be afraid, my child."

"Nyx?" I kept turning in circles, trying to locate where it was coming from as if it was everywhere and nowhere at once.

"You must take care of your body, as you must nurture your spirit. Remember that, dear one."


A beautiful woman appeared behind me and I whirled around as she spoke again.

"You will know when the time comes. As a reminder and guide, I will leave you with a special gift. Remember not to lose it or let it weaken."

I nodded as she walked toward me. Placing her hand on my forehead where my mark was meant to be, I felt re-energized as I was filled with a glorious feeling.

"What is this?"

"Accept this gift, Ursula. Let it be your guide to happiness."

The world faded into white as I heard her voice one last time.

"Use it well. I trust you."

She woke up and looked around her room. It was still the same. Her eyes fell upon her night table and she saw an amethyst candle with a crescent moon etched on the base of it. Could it be…

She looked in the mirror and gasped as she stared at the filled in crescent.

"Blessed be…"

She turned and saw that Zoey and the rest of the elders were staring at her.
The Change
I wrote this one night while I was RPing and I showed it to the admin. I didn't really know what to do with it but I figured that it could be a good jumpstart to a thread or something like that.

This could take place not long before the end of her sixth year. (I want to say a few months beforehand.)

This is the dress:… ... and this is who I perceived as Nyx.
Nyx, the Night Goddess
(Thank you to whoever created this in advance.)

House of Night (c) P.C. and Kristin Cast

Poem (titled "Inner Demons") & Ursula is mine and mine alone.
Hi guys. It's six weeks into the semester so I figured I'd do an update since I have some time to myself.
  1. I've been going to therapy weekly and taking my medication which helps a lot.
  2. I finished Finding Carter and Rail Wars! last week so now I don't really have TV to watch anymore (which is good timing because it's football season). I might pick up a couple of shows for the fall but I'm not sure yet.
  3. I'm doing pretty well in my classes this semester: 2 A's, a B and I still have another grade pending.
  4. I've {emotionally} estranged myself from my mom, and so far it's been going pretty well.
  5. My blood pressure is normal now, for the first time in more than 2 years but I still have to keep up the log.
  6. I might start writing again, since I have plenty of time to do so.
  7. I've been talking to my boyfriend normally again, which is always good. ^_^
  8. I still have yet to Skype with karategirl1296; I'm a horrid friend. ;-;
  9. Same with those projects. I think I've resigned myself to not doing them right now. ^^;
  10. I'm getting involved! :D I'm in a club, I'm going to start going to a support group this week and I'm starting group classes at the Rec Center today. ^_^ (Yay for socializing!)
I think that's about it... Nod 
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